Tuesday, September 27, 2016

a brief history of the shallow brigade

The Shallow Brigade is a blog that I wrote for six or seven years starting in 2007. It sat dormant for a few years, then I took it offline (a while ago? maybe last year?) for no real reason other than it was this sort of outdated thing I mostly wrote for my friends. It was a way to keep in touch with people, a way to develop more of a voice as a writer--stuff like that. Earlier this year I started thinking about taking up blogging again, writing more for people I don't necessarily know with a voice that seems pretty much developed, for better or worse. I experimented with tumblr a little this past spring because there's an easiness to it I wanted. It's weird how posting different places brings out different things. But anyway I kept forgetting I had it, and also had no desire to participate in it as a social networking thing, and it just wasn't feeling right at all. I don't want to reactivate the old blog, but I don't want to rename it either because there's a particular sort of caring you have to engage in to name things that I aged out of long ago. If I could send one message to the children, it would be this: be careful naming your blog or social media account or whatever, because somehow it ends up following you around forever.

So here we are. You are witnesses at the new birth of The Shallow Brigade, mark two. Hope you enjoy our new direction.

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  1. Goddamit I didn't know this was resurrected!! I am sure I will love your new direction!!! xx